Hail Damage Destroys Air Conditioning Units

13150025_276728205996263_1867602435_nAir conditioning units if not covered can be very susceptible to damages caused by hail. Recently the San Antonio area was blasted by a large baseball and even softball sized hail. This large Hill had devastating effects on rooftops and rooftop residential air conditioning and commercial air conditioning units all around the metro area. If the air conditioning unit that you own was not protected by some type of guard it probably has sustained some type of damage. Air conditioning repairman have been very busy trying to help customers repair their air conditioning units. Air conditioning units have small louvers on t  he side that help regulate the temperature and cool by radiating the heat out. When these small louvers are damaged by being smashed it holds heat in instead of releasing it and radiating it out words. Air conditioning technicians throughout the San Antonio area have made a lot of extra service calls in the last few weeks. I suspect that more people will have problems with their air conditioning units to further that we get into the summer. Often you may not even know that you have had 13084077_269833233352427_45858708_ndamage to your air conditioning unit until a thorough inspection.13090222_269833213352429_667373045_n One consideration is to have an air conditioning repairman come out and do an AC clean out. That often is a less expensive way to have them come out and use their special Combs to brush out the air conditioning vents. Having reliable air conditioning in San Antonio during the summer time is an absolute must. Contacting the right air conditioning repairman is also extremely important. During the next couple of months, it’s going to be difficult to find people to service air conditioning units at a moment’s notice. Take the time to inspect your air conditioning unit no matter if you live in San Antonio or even in the midwest. One of my best friends at Davenport best heating and air conditioning recently told me that his summer months are extremely busy. Repairing air conditioning units can be a very timely task. As we are getting into the hotter months it’s important to make sure that your home is safe and maintains a cool temperature for your family. You should call Jason if you’re in the Davenport area if you have any air conditioning needs. He’s helped me out  on several occasions and even installed my air condition unit in my home.


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