San Antonio Hail Damaged Pool Decks

As a follow up to our recent posting on hail damaged AC units and San Antonio I would like to add a couple things.  Hail damage not only affecting roofing but also affected a lot of pool decking.  There is a rise of homeowner insurance claim for pool decking repair in San Antonio because of the major hail storm that happened in the spring of 2016. Hail not only devastated roofs but you pool decking.  During a recent conversation with Kurt, one of the owners of Pool Deck San Antonio, stated “ many are not thinking about this but this is but if you are getting your roof replaced because of the hail damage you also can have your pool decking repaired under the same insurance claim.”

Even if your claim has already been settled you can go back and amend the insurance claim to have the pool deck covered and repaired.  The hail chipped and cracked the finishing on the pool decks which will cause the decking to fall apart due to the damage.  So if you live in the San Antonio Texaplex area then check you pool deck for repair issues.

If you live in the San Antonio area call Pool Deck San Antonio at (210) 871-8515 and ask for a pool deck repair evaluation. You can also contact them at


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